The best thing about being an indie author is complete creative control.

The second best thing is being able to publish your work with little or no budget.

Back in 2009, I was thinking both of these things when I unleashed my first novel on the world. What no one told me was that I did not have the skills to create my own cover. What no one told me is that getting a book produced properly – with the editing and the nice cover and, yes, spending money – was worth it if only so I wouldn’t look back a decade later and cringe so hard my face hurt.
Through running a Facebook group for writers over the last three years, I have seen so many indie authors falling into the same trap. Most are not as naive as I was, they just don’t have the budget to pay for professional skills. Indie authors are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to this sort of thing. They’re writers. They don’t want to design, they don’t want to market. But if they choose to self-publish, they have to.

Now, after almost a decade of honing my Photoshop and design skills, I am finally in a position to help them. Covers by Tallulah was created with indie authors on a tight budget in mind. There are three tiers of design options.

  • Custom cover design:  Where you brief me with what kind of cover you want, and I create that from scratch.


  • Premade covers: I will constantly be updating the gallery with covers that can be bought on a first-come, first-serve basis. I will redo the typesetting on these covers to suit your book.


  • Typesetting only: If you want to provide your own artwork, I can do the typesetting at a fraction of the cost of having your cover designed.


Looking for a service not listed? Give me a shout for a quote!

Every cover comes with a Photoshop document with editable text, so you can tweak the text at any time (although you may have to download the necessary fonts). I also provide a bunch of marketing-related add-ons such as images for paid campaigns, that can be purchased individually or bolted on to one of the packages.