Graham Craig Downs

When I needed a cover for my latest book (Memoirs of a Guardian Angel), my regular cover designer was unfortunately unavailable. So I contacted the wonderful Tallulah Habib from Covers by Tallulah.

I was a bit nervous because I’d never dealt with anyone else before, but she put me right at ease and assured me she was happy to help.

I worked with her for two weeks, on both a cover and a set of marketing/promotional images, and during that time, I feel like Tallulah was more than just my designer; she was my partner and my friend.

She gave me advice and vetoed some of my decisions–and my images are a million times better for it. She understands the genre conventions and knows what works and what doesn’t. The cover we came up with is better than I could have hoped for, her marketing images are stunning, and she even helped me come up with copy for my Facebook ad.

What an amazing experience! I tell you, if I don’t sell a million copies of this book, I only have myself to blame.